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Feipu Explosion-Proof Electric Co., Ltd.

Explosion proof LED lights, explosion proof fluorescent fixtures, explosion proof LED flood lights, explosion proof L...

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  • Phone: +86-570-5588199
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    Feipu Industrial Park, Zhaoxian, Changshan, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Feipu Explosion-Proof Electric Co., Ltd. is an established manufacturer of electrical explosion proof equipment, explosion proof lights and explosion proof fittings. The company's broad range of explosion proof light fixtures include LED high bay lights, LED pendant lights, fluorescent fixtures, LED flood lights, LED search lights, LED work lights, LED roadway lights, LED flashlights, rechargeable headlights, aviation obstruction lights, LED exit lights, LED emergency lights, and electrodeless lamps. Philips pioneered the development of highly reliable explosion proof lighting products. Since 2007 Feipu has made innovative strides in providing cost effective lighting solutions to fulfill the demanding needs of industrial applications such as petroleum refineries, garages and storage facilities, utility gas plants, mining industry, pulp and paper plants, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities.

With over 100,000 square meter of ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility and an inventive development team, Feipu has a complete suite of capabilities that cover the critical processes including mechanical design, electrical design, optical design, thermal modeling, die casting, metal fabrication, CNC machining, surface treatment, finishing and coating. Value added design and engineering services complemented by integrated manufacturing solutions give Feipu sharp edge in terms of quality control, product availabilities, rapid turn-around and manufacturing costs. The company's in-house testing facility is fully equipped to perform complete quality and performance tests of electrical, optical, mechanical, and thermal properties for robustness in application and performance over rated life.

Through dedication to value engineering and manufacturing excellence, Feipu has built itself a solid reputation and brand recognition in the industry. The company is the registered suppliers of the major petroleum refineries and petrochemical processing facilities in China. It's a participating member of the drafting committee of the national standards for Ex electrical apparatus in China and the council member of China-Ex. With a passion for innovation and dedication, Feipu pledges to continue strengthening its capabilities and grows to be your foremost provider of cutting edge explosion proof products.
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